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Dakar legend Peterhansel — a six-time motorbike and three-time car champion — holds an advantage of almost six minutes on Gordon, a NASCAR veteran, entering the final five days of the race More about: There are designs based on uniforms in bold colours and prints… some in pinstripe and others in brightly-coloured cavalry twill. Learning to use a computer is fun but also vital in the modern world. The birds have been raised using intensive farming methods — keeping large numbers of animals in limited space — and that say Bund, the German Friends of the Earth group, is where the problem lies.

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With his third stage win this year the French three-time winner of the race holds a two minute and 28 second advantage on his main rival Marc Coma. German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said this was the first step in tackling the far-right. This will ginger people up to come out and face you too.

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Francesco Verusio, the prosecutor in the case, told reporters Schettino had confirmed he was in command of the vessel at the moment of impact.