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Please go to the Annotated Template to read more about how to insert these. Whitman himself sometimes thought that he left his writings for "poets to come" who would justify him and make clear his significance.

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Currently, work is underway on the image gallery, on the interviews, on the presentation of the various editions of Leaves of Grass, on ghanaweb dating female seeking male india poems published in periodicals, and on Whitman's disciples—that group of close friends and associates who sometimes collaborated with him, who promoted his work, and who shaped his legacy. It is also important to work at a machine with imaging software that allows you to "zoom in" on xml portions of the manuscript or do other manipulations that enable easier and more accurate transcription.

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Scattered in over sixty institutions worldwide and often difficult to decipher, Whitman's manuscripts remain little known despite their importance for students and scholars.

The XML encoding of manuscripts has presented us with numerous challenges—in part the TEI was initially designed with a focus more on books than on manuscripts. This procedure uploads the file so that others may double-check it and publish it on the site.

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We can certainly imagine scholars who could make brilliant use of this information if it were systematically recorded across all of Whitman's available documents. Other scholars with special interests in particular aspects of textuality could take our dating tagging and add additional encodes decode that would enable various types of analysis.

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We have designed the guidelines to be read in order, so we recommend that you first read the section on the global encoding before moving on to the local. The following is an example of improperly nested markup: There are other features that it would not be controversial to tag, that would be useful information to have accessible, but that we have nonetheless chosen not to tag.

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This process is managed by the Manuscript Tracking Database password required. It appears after the element name in the opening tag.