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A site was chosen in IngolstadtBavariato start a spare parts operation in latewhich would eventually serve as the headquarters of the reformed Auto Union in Audi contended, prior to findings by outside investigators, [29] that the problems were caused by driver error, specifically pedal misapplication. The Zwickau plant manufactured the infamous Trabant untilwhen it came under Volkswagen control—effectively bringing it under the same umbrella as Audi since This also meant the S4 became the S6 and a new S4 was introduced in the A4 body.

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The new nomenclature scheme was applied to the Audi to become the Audi A6 with a minor facelift. Audi's two principal assembly plants are: The disadvantage of the aluminium frame is that it is very expensive to repair and requires a specialized aluminium bodyshop.

NSU then focused on new rotary engines based on the ideas of Felix Wankel.

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