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SurprisinglyBeware the Silly Ones: Towards the end of the manga, the Host Club and everyone's Tamaki's helped throughout the series helps him get to the airport in time so he can see his mother for the first time in three years.

Though she didn't specifically aim to murder that person, she still did it since her Branch of Sin manifested there.

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Ultimately it's cut short before anyone's sacrificed, but is ironically turned around when Mika is killed off rather nicely. In both the anime and the manga, Tamaki's grandmother is the villain posing the greatest threat to the host club.

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Onii-Chan Control features Noa, the little sister to the main character, who revealed she's willing to stab a girl she thought was 3jka online dating in her brother. So Rosiel figures that if Setsuna could not be happy anymore

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