Mad clown dating websites Mother and son shaken by clown prank

Mad clown dating websites

The first thing that you think is that this must be a prank, but at the back of the mind, you are also thinking 'what if this is actually a maniac?

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I was so angry and mad at him. He was just looking at us and walking toward us, step by step, without making a sound and not saying anything.

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When I was shouting, the man underneath the mask, it turned out to be a 13 or 14 year old boy. While Yana frantically ran though the options of what was in her car that she could use to defend herself in the case of an attack, she says that her son was in a distressed state.

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They could have met somebody who could easily have hurt them," she said. Alone with her son and the frightening clown in the underground car park, Yana was in a state of panic. They were very apologetic about it and they kept saying 'sorry' to me and my son, who was still very distressed about the whole situation.

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All through this, the clown wasn't making any noise. Who would have been in the wrong?

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