Fun facts about michael fassbender dating Michael Fassbender: 14 reasons why we love the 'Assassin's Creed' star

Fun facts about michael fassbender dating

It's my hopes that whatever Michael is going through, he deals with it, be happy, and go michael fassbender to making the kind of films he wants.

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The entire fandom needed a break and a breather from recent events and I hope you are feeling as good as I am too. Michael has also been tipped to be taking the role of Steve Jobs in the new Apple biopic that recently was taken up by Universal.

Keep your eyes at FF FB where it dating be easier to post quick updates and links to articles about Michael's future roles. Again, this is a change I have been thinking about for a few months as we head into the awards season, and I want to put more attention on the Zen blog in fact about of my increased focus on covering film and the entertainment industry beyond the scope of Michael Fassbender.

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The biggest change will be my discontinuing the TGIFassy! Now, he's not actively working as an actor, and I have no dragon ball cap 118 latino dating in covering his car driving hobby.

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In the new flick, he stars as a lighthouse keeper, who lives with his wife off the coast of Western Australia; they end up raising a baby that they rescued from an adrift rowboat. Michael says, "Honestly, if I had a choice I'd choose race driving over acting. Like many of you, I think we needed time to focus on other things and reassess our interests.

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For as long as Michael is not acting, or participating in the world of fun making where I can write an update here on him, there will be few updates here at Fassinating Fassbender.

So that brings me to ponder the question of how much longer will Michael be off the Hollywood grid and when will his next role be announced. But it has never been my intention to shift the blog to support Michael in his race car driving activities.

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